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Python Programming

🎓 Course Highlights

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🔍 Curriculum Overview

From Basics to Brilliance

Module 1: Introduction to Programming and Python
  • Overview of programming concepts
  • Why Python is a great choice for beginners
  • Brief history of Python and its creator, Guido van Rossum
  • Introduction to Python's philosophy: The Zen of Python
  • Setting up Python environment
Module 2: Python Basics and Mindset Tips
  • Basics of using the Python interpreter
  • Printing text and variables using print
  • Importance of indentation in Python
  • Comments and their role in code readability
  • Tips for cultivating a programmer's mindset
Module 3: Control Flow in Python
  • Understanding conditional statements (if, else)
  • Utilizing loops (while and for)
  • Break and continue statements
  • Using else clauses with loops
  • The pass statement and its applications
Module 4: Functions and Scope
  • Introduction to functions and their role in modular programming
  • Scope of variables and their visibility
  • Importing functions from other files
  • Creating modules and organizing code
  • Utilizing the built-in function dir()
Module 5: Data Structures in Python
  • Understanding and using lists
  • Differences between strings and lists
  • Common list methods and their applications
  • Working with sets and dictionaries
  • Overview of tuples and their use cases
Module 6: Exception Handling
  • Distinguishing errors from exceptions
  • Introduction to exceptions and their importance
  • Handling exceptions gracefully
  • Purpose of catching exceptions
  • Raising built-in exceptions
Module 7: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Basics
  • Introduction to OOP concepts
  • Defining classes and objects
  • Attributes and methods in classes
  • The special __init__ method and its significance
  • Understanding Data Abstraction, Data Encapsulation, and Information Hiding
Module 8: Advanced OOP Concepts
  • Working with properties in classes
  • Difference between attributes and properties
  • Pythonic way to write getters and setters
  • Special methods __str__ and __repr__
  • Class attributes, class methods, and static methods
Module 9: Dynamic Attribute Handling
  • Dynamically creating new attributes for existing instances
  • Binding attributes to objects and classes
  • Exploring __dict__ of a class and an instance
  • How Python finds attributes of an object or class
  • Using the getattr function
Module 10: Advanced Topics
  • Understanding tracebacks
  • Utilizing the range function
  • Exploring arithmetic operators in Python
  • Advanced concepts in Python programming
Module 11: Career Guidance and Opportunities
  • Overview of Python's significance in the industry
  • Exploring various career paths with Python
  • Developing a portfolio and personal projects
  • Importance of networking and community involvement
Module 12: Resources and Continuous Learning
  • Curated resources for continuous learning
  • Online communities and forums
  • Further educational opportunities and certifications
  • Staying updated with the latest Python developments
  • Guidance on pursuing a career in Python and related fields
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